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shame, my poor little girl. she's got asthma and she got if from me. genetics suck hey!
Shame man Sad

Hopefully she doesn't have it bad.Never knew you had asthma myself!!!Hopefully you've quit smoking??? Rolleyes If not,you have to stop now.For the sake of Beth hey!!!

When did they tell you she had asthma?

All the best mate.
Eish, she's young to have developed it so soon! At least you do have it, so you know what allergens to stay away from, and how to deal with it. Smile
i quit smoking a while ago.

with me it was dust and the moist winter air in ct. which doesnt help much since we are on a small island.grew out of it after puberty.

the midwife came to see my wife today. beth has been wheezing for a while now. gonna see the doctor nxt week.
I feel so sorry for your daughter, it is really awful for them. My daughter also had it when we was young but thank goodness she out grew hers at about 5 yrs old.

sue w

Awwwwwww squeaks thats terrible........poor little thing. My son had it too and also outgrew it. Funny, he suffered extremely bad hayfever all the years, eyes would swell and water, constantly sneezing. He hasn't suffered a day since I gave up smoking :o . I am so ashamed Sad
When my husband was young he was told he had asthma. After we got married he had no more attacks. But when we visited his parents his chest would tighten up.
His mother loved cats so they always had them for pets. He doesn't have asthma at all, he's allergic to cats.

Real asthma is nasty, but these days, they are really quick to label kids with asthma - they tried it with my fist born, but he has no breathing problem, just very large tonsils/adenoids which cause him to wheeze slightly.

The mid wife also suggested my youngest had asthma - turned out he had extra skin on his larynx which made it difficult for him to eat and breathe. When that was lasered off - voila! No more problems.
Am sorry to hear your daughter has asthma.

I too suffer from asthma and my son has inherited it from me.
I have chronic asthma but its now under control so have not had a bad attack for over 2 years now.
My son is 16 and doesnt have it as badly as I do.

I was always very allergic as a child and suffered with skin allergies and hayfever . When I was 28 hayfever disappeared only to be replaced with asthma.

They do say those who get asthma in their infancy usually outgrow it as adults, so hang in there, maybe this will be the case for your daughter.
i out grew it when i was 13, hope the same happens for her
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