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Full Version: Bokke vs Kiwis??
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Whose watching??

Great start to the game....

Hope the boys keep it up

:worthy: Percy :worthy:

Bokke 16 - 13 Kiwis.. 2nd half just started!!


p.s. ForumAdmin?? Where's the rugby smilie??? :innocent:
:worthy: :cheer:BOKKE - 22 :worthy: :cheer:

:rip: KIWIS - 16:rip:

Same score as we had against Australia last weekend...... :mmm:
Excellent Game, The Germans even transmitted it live over here......

Must say after being very disappointed with Schalk Burger in previous matches, he had an excellent game today.

I was a bit worried that Percy kicked so much, but all worked out OK.

The Kiwi No 6 had an excellent game too.

Ole, Ole , Ole Ole.......Ole Ole :cheer: :cheer: :celeb:
Great game, ricci January was in superb form too.
Great game of rugby all round,what saved us was three try saving tackles
yep heard it all on even....what a thrill.
mcamp999 Wrote:Great game, ricci January was in superb form too.

I thought so too, was surprised with the choice to substitute him 20 min before the end.
jimswin Wrote:I thought so too, was surprised with the choice to substitute him 20 min before the end.

To be honest, White keeps on rotating the squad, but seems to get the combinations right on a regular basis.

I had never heard from him prior to him getting the job ahead of a lot of coaches with big reputations, but it seems to have been an inspired choice.
By Peter Bills

In the land where raw meat is revered by man and beast and blood runs free, this was a full-blown Test match of brutal proportions. It gripped Newlands in its intensity, like a man held by the throat. By the end, you felt exhausted, shattered just by sitting in the grandstand.

If you took your eyes off it for a minute, whack, Schalk Burger and Jerry Collins smashed each other and the earth shook. Lose concentration for a moment and crash, Victor Matfield had hammered Byron Kelleher, forcing him off after only nine minutes.

This was what rugby used to be like. Thank God, you can still see the proper thing, the authentic product.

At the end of it all, as the bruises began to swell, the battered eyes turned black and the aches kicked in, New Zealand were left to reflect on the sheer will-power and defensive courage shown by South Africa that ultimately won this Test.

It wasn't just the braais that were sizzling from the start. Not only did South Africa snatch an astonishing 13-point lead in the first nine minutes, but they set out a marker for the physical contest that was to come. It proved shudderingly accurate.

At one stage, as a dazed Kelleher walked uneasily around the pitch, Chris Jack and Aaron Mauger were also on their knees after Springbok tackles. This was legalised violence. If you did these things on the seafront at Camps Bay, you'd be in the cooler.

New Zealand had set the tone before the start. Coach Graham Henry stood taut and erect beside his men. His face, pugnacious and unsmiling, was set in Churchillian stone. His men went to battle in the image of their leader.

But they found a South African side willing and able to match them physically. The terrier-like Ricky Januarie took on anyone, the more the better from his point of view. There wasn't a single All Black too big for him, nor Burger, who bravely and courageously sacrificed his body for the cause. Few rugby men have shown greater commitment than Burger demonstrated on Saturday at Newlands.

But this Test match had just about everything because it was so much more than just a glorified physical fight. The wonderful invention and creativity in the New Zealand game was in a class of its own, hard as the Springboks tried to shut them down.

They operated at pace and under the severest pressure, yet still they found space thanks to their creative genius. Players spun, twisted and forced their way out of tackles and, joy of joys, the New Zealanders subscribed to that oldest of traditional values, namely, making the ball do the work. It was a delight to see.

But we had the quintessential contest because South Africa fought with such pride and guts that even so technically accomplished a New Zealand side, could not quell their fire and fervour. You could only marvel at the way the All Blacks got men into space and did it all at such speed. Hard nosed, physical, pragmatic and un-fazed, the All Blacks reminded us of their enduring qualities on Saturday.

No-one could have been in any doubt that this was truly the summit of world rugby, a clash of the current titans in the game.

At times, the Springbok defence creaked like a barn door on rusty hinges. But it held, for the most part, through a combination of clever reading of the game and sheer bravery. But where South Africa were deficient was in the precision that the All Blacks brought to their game.

The way they worked players into space and their intuitive reading of the game, was an object lesson in cunning and class. Likewise, their ability to rupture the close-in defence by means of the short, fast, flat pass to a colleague arriving at speed was exemplary.

And yet, for all that, Percy Montgomery's nerveless goal-kicking and the Springboks' iron resolve, kept their heads above the deluge which threatened them.

They were wonderfully served by the immense Matfield and Bakkies Botha in the line-outs, a notable success area for the Boks on the day. And as the prize neared and the hearts pounded even harder, so the Boks lifted their effort. They played in the All Blacks' faces, forcing even the calm, composed Daniel Carter to spill a simple ball in his own 22. And technical errors proved costly as Montgomery calmly slotted the goals. But to see world class players making elementary errors was testimony to the awesome physical pressure applied by the 'Boks.

For them to have won this Test was a huge reaffirmation of their tenacity, quality and commitment. All the recent World Cups have been won by the side with the best defence. South Africa showed on Saturday they now have one of the best in the business.
was an absolutely amazing game. i enjoyed the game sooo much.
the atmosphere in the stadium was hair raising