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Full Version: Rocking against the system - an album discussion
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It's always a daunting task starting a new concept and I had plenty of dilemas choosing the first album for our discussion. So I played it safe and chose a compilation Wink

For those of you don't have the album here is the track listing:

1. e'Void - Taximan
2. Via Afrika - Hey Boy
3. Bright Blue - Window On The World
4. Tribe After Tribe - Damsel
5. Ellamental - Clowns
6. Celtic Rumours - Slow Rain
7. Dog Detachment - Miracle (Waiting For A..)
8. Petit Cheval - Magical Touch
9. No Friends Of Harry - Competition Rules
10. Asylum Kids - Schoolboy
11. The Helicopters - Mysteries & Jealousies
12. The Spectres - Teddy Bear
13. Falling Mirror - Johnny Calls The Chemist
14. The Dynamics - Thugs
15. Peach - Complicated Games
16. Flash Harry - Shame On You
17. The Sweatband - This Boy <----- (This has now been corrected)
18. Psycho Reptiles - Monster From The Bog

To me this is one of the greatest compilations ever, not only because I grew up with songs and artists but because they also reflect South Africa in the 1980's, the despair of the system, the hopes of a better future. And they sound good too Smile

If I have to have one criticism of the album it's the fact that there are two artists missing; Juluka and Mango Groove. Perhaps Benjy (Mudie) had to omit them from this album because of copyrights or perhaps they weren't 'Rocking against the System' enough.

What are your thoughts ? What do you think of this album ? Do you have a favourite song / artist on it ?
No comments anyone ?
I only remember a couple of the bands...

And howcome are No friends of Harry listed twice with the same song??
Quote:Originally posted by Ameniatha
I only remember a couple of the bands...

And howcome are No friends of Harry listed twice with the same song??

Because the site where I copied the list from made a mistake.... I didn't double check as I assume that this was a reputable site for such info.

Thanx for pointing that out Big Grin

I'll now correct the track listing Smile


Jan unfortunately this is purely a commercial compilation. It is mainly mainstream SA pop. Which is why it is very suprising that Mank Groove and Mr Clegg did not feature. However, with the exception of Bright Blue, most of these guys were pop artists of little substance. As much as I still oppose what these guys supposedly stood for politically Bright Blue's song Weeping is in my opinion one of SA's greatest pop songs.

Now if you really want to listen to some anti establishment rockers, go listen to Jack Hammers' song Goienag Generaal. This has to be one of the most barbed songs that the government ever had thrown at it. The fact that Piet Botha on vocals is Piks son makes it all the better. Or take a listen to Johannes Kerkorrel en die Gereformeerde Blues Band songs like Sit Dit Af or BMW. These were the real people who fought the system musically. Ostracized by their people and families many of these guys paid a high price for their opposition.

Again as much as I didnt agree with what most of these guys stood for, some excellent music came out of that period in SA but more so amongst the alternative Afrikaans music.
Ow K, this discussion didn't go as well as I had hoped but that is life I suppose...

Will have to think of a 'new' album that more people have heard...
Dog Detachment and Asylum Kidz, now that brings back some memories...
Schoolboy was released as a single but I always thought Policeman was better.
For a REAL ant-establishment band seek out Riot Squad - a CT band from that era. Went to see them in Benoni once and they were cut short and thrown out by the local, leather clad, bikers LOL!!
Here is what Kurt Shoemaker has to say about this album in the latest edition of the SA Rock Digest:

Texas-based Kurt Shoemaker gives his unique views on SA music.


It's nice to visit with old friends who still sound young and fresh. Some
of these songs I haven't heard for upwards of a year, so spinning this
silver disc again feels good, not only by the joy music brings, but by the
good memories the music inspires.

Retro Fresh, a subsidiary label of Fresh Music, has released full-length CD
reissues of vinyl LPs by most of these groups, such as: éVoid, Via Afrika,
Bright Blue, Tribe After Tribe, Ellamental, Celtic Rumours, Dog Detachment,
No Friends of Harry, The Helicopters, Falling Mirror, The Dynamics, Peach,
and Sweatband.

The rest of the bands represented here by hits have Retro Fresh re-release
CDs on the way: Petit Cheval, Asylum Kids, The Spectres, Flash Harry, and
Psycho Reptiles. These will be given the Retro Fresh treatment that
routinely includes remastering and bonus tracks, and sometimes includes
band photos, mp3s of extra tracks, and a music video, like 'Johnny Calls
the Chemist' on Falling Mirror's CD of the same name.

Both sampler and showcase of the fine work Retro Fresh does, this is a fine
compilation containing hit after hit. In fact, this CD and 'Ocean Culture'
are my favourite compilations of SA groups because of how well they
represent the SA music scene of different decades, and, more importantly,
because they are just so good fun to listen to.

Why resist the charms of éVoid and Via Afrika? Enjoy the ballsy music of No
Friends of Harry, the brilliant pop rock of Ellamental, the power of Tribe
After Tribe and Asylum Kids, the songwriting perfection of The Helicopters,
the eternal classic, 'Johnny Calls the Chemist', and the funky, bassy
'Monster from the Bog' closing out the visit.

It is easy to say good things about the work the Retro Fresh people do
because they are true good things. Retro Fresh's rock reissue CDs always
have plenty of extras, and are made complete with detailed liner notes in
fat booklets. And if that were not enough, how about great layout and
typesetting? I tell you what, listening to this CD is like seeing old
friends again--and I encourage them to visit anytime.
Being an 80's child, the tracks on this album brings back a few memories...

I used to love eVoid!!! Such a cool band... Saw them live, playing at our local Pick and Pay.... many moons ago!
Quote:Originally posted by Bean of Love
Being an 80's child, the tracks on this album brings back a few memories...

I used to love eVoid!!! Such a cool band... Saw them live, playing at our local Pick and Pay.... many moons ago!

Just a few memories ??? :p :jester:
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