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Full Version: Is it time for Ferguson to go
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After reading the latest outburst from Ferguson and with Keane making statements, is it time for the man to leave Man U

Irate Ferguson hits out at press

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson
Man Utd v Wigan
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson accused the press of hating his club in an angry outburst ahead of Wednesday's game against Wigan.

"They have a hatred of United," said Ferguson, who later attended a news conference with the national newspapers which ended abruptly.

"It's always been there. It goes with the territory, I suppose, of us being such a high profile club.

"I understand it a bit but they go too far. They try to fragment the club."
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Don't think many Arsenal fans will be upset
yes, sadly his sell by date has long expired.

In my opnion, he should not have renewed his contract when he had already confirmed his departure a few years ago.

Stop when you are at the top, he has won everything for MU and he needs to be able to hand over thr reigns, perhaps the only thing he has not yet mastered.
As a Man Utd supporter of some 50 years now we are used to others slagging the club off. Alex Furguson has done more for this club in restructuring it that many people give credit for - how he has not said what he said yesterday earlier in the season I don't know. The genuine United supporters are concerned about the club I agree, and possibly his time is coming to an end, but I am certainly not going to lower myself to start throwing dirt in his face now because of the respect I have for the man.
I agree with bro, he should have hung up his (whatever managers hang up) a few years ago.
When ManU were on top he could smile at any bad press, but is finding it a bit harder to swallow now that Chelsea have taken over the reins.
He doesn't have anything to prove at Old Trafford, and I don't know why he doesn't just put on his cap and go down to the races.
He built a great team during the 90's, largely from the youth squad, a fantastic achievement. Now that team is all ageing and it will take a great deal of effort to do the same again...
Ferguson ponders early retirement

Everton manager David Moyes says striker Duncan Ferguson is considering quitting football.

Ferguson, 33, could retire after getting increasingly frustrated by a long list of injury problems.

well it seemed relevant

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geeez duck, you got me there.....
my pleasure

it caught me when I saw the headline

Second in the league - time fo him to go? You must be having a laugh. :wall:
well winning the league etc in the Spanish league isn't considered good enough .. suppose the standards are higher there Wink

If Man U win the league I will have to find a candy hat to eat

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Schmeichel, who won the Champions League with United in 1999, told the Mail on Sunday: "From where I am looking, all the players seem interested in now is cars and who has the biggest diamond.

"Today's United team lacks personality. They certainly had that in Roy Keane.

"The only one with that kind of personality today is Wayne Rooney. Without Rooney, United would be a very ordinary team."