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Full Version: The City of one's birth
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Quote:Originally posted by Bushwacker
Fanks Cubbie! Blush

(P.S. You are in my good memories file!) Big Grin

my pleasure.....u too...Smile
... I was born in Newcastle, Natal and grew up there... left when I left school. My parents, however, are still there, (in fact I have just come back from a visit)

I will always consider Newcastle to be my home. Or at least my base.

As much as we hated the place when we were teenagers, because of the boring factor, it has actually turned out to be a really nice town... if you're not too career driven of course....

Although I would never move back there, as it's a little too quiet for me, I will always consider it to be home...


I was born in Cape Town, but brought up in Jo'burg and Durbs....where we lived for a very long time (parents still there)
i am almost ashamed to admit but i was born in pretoria (that is sooo like on the wrong side of the country). when i was 3 months old, my parents went to the UK. after 2 years of almost no sun my dad said he had enough, so the whole family went back to SA.

thank goodness they ended up in WP. grew up in Paarl, but since my parents moved away i only go to see 1 friend that still lives there. for me cape town would be my hearts home.
Quote:Originally posted by sterretjie
i am almost ashamed to admit but i was born in pretoria .

Ooh how traumatic that must have been for you!!!! I am surprised that you aren't mentally scarred for life!!
sailsbury(harare) and while i left aged 5 there are still bit`s
i remember, however last i went there, well not good at all!
I was born in Durban, and lived there for about four years then moved around the country abit but lived in Natal Midlands most of my life so I would say Durban holds nothing for me but the Natal Midlands yes.

Jim was born in Solihull, UK, left there at 5 yrs of age for Strand SA, live there and did all his schooling there so I would say that would probably be a place very close to his heart.
I was born in Enfield just outside London. Went to SA for 3 years and when we came back to UK it was to Basingstoke. We then spent a further almost 20 years in SA and I have now ended up in Portsmouth. The last time I visited Enfield was in 1991.
Born in the bushveld and raised there....that is where home was but now home is here
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bushwacker
[B]My story is similar to Oom Rob!

Me too, similar to Bushwacker and Oom Rob

Was born in London/UK went over to SA at the age of 3
grew up in Benoni and then Kempton Park.

After living in South Africa for 35 years returned to UK
have been in UK for 11 years now.
Parents are still in SA but the rest of my maternal family all
live in Shrewsbury Shropshire. I too , Oom Rob never really get to see my family here in UK, we live too far away according to them..... i.e. the South/South East of England in Hove.

I still consider both Benoni and Kempton Park as my old place of abode(have fond memories)..... now consider where we live presently as home.
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