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Full Version: Music and cities
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Last night I was watching 100 best #1's on TV and it struck me how many songs are about different cities...
I could think of
Going to San Francisco
New York (of Course)
Durham Town
Scarborough Fair ...

Can you think of any more?

And what about well-known South African ones... Are there any?
These are the ones I can think of:

Barcelona - Freddy Mercury
Vienna Calling - Falco
Streets Of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen

I do not know any SA cities but the only one I know is Africa - Toto

nikkinaz Wrote:These are the ones I can think of:

Barcelona - Freddy Mercury


My favourite song of the moment..... I play it full horns in the car in the mornings on the way to work... :worthy: :gogirl:
Stalingrad - Laurika Rauch.....

Johannesburg - Julien Laxton

Kiliminjaro - Johnny Clegg
Amsterdam - Coldplay
Bangladesh - George Harrison
Chinatown - Thin Lizzy
Detroit Rock City - Kiss
Midnight train to Georgia - Human Nature
London Calling - The Clash
Penny Lane - The Beatles
Rotterdam - The Beautiful South
Stonehenge - Spinal Tap
Queenstown - Andy Baker
Ticket to Quebec - Guttermouth
Vancouver - Violent Femmes
Flower of Scotland

:leaf: :tequila: :high:
Streets of London
Vienna - Ultravox (?)
Here's some more I've thought of-----

Mississippi - Pussycat

Kentucky woman - Neil Diamond

Manhatten skyline - Aha

Move to Memphis - Aha

California girls - Beach Boys

Chicago - Frank Sinatra

Leningrad - Billy Joel

Viva Las Vegas - Elvis

Rio - Duran Duran

Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John

Long haired lover from Liverpool - Jimmy Osmond
( the star of )
Mykonos - Vicky Leandros !
Wasn't there a song called "Wonderful Copenhagen" ?

How about Jerusalem - Blarney Bros, et al ?

Rome - Dengish Khan (sp?), sung in several languages too :haha:

Egoli - Ipi Tombi

Didn't the Village People sing about a Manhattan Woman ? :confused:

Then there is the group Berlin Smile
Parisian Walkways - Gary Moore
Schoenes Maedchen von Arkadia ( Demis Roussos , dressed in tent )
Last Night in SoHo ( D.D. , D. , B. M. & T.)...
better stop now , since this completely gives my age away...