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Full Version: SA wants Eriksson to coach
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London - The chairperson of South Africa's 2010 Soccer World Cup organising event, Danny Jordaan, says South Africa would like Sven-Goran Eriksson to be its soccer coach at the 2010 World Cup.,00.html
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...and how will that fit in with Affirmative Action...?

I just realised what some might think I am saying
Stockholm - Current England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson is said to be interested in taking over the vacant South African coaching job, Swedish media reported on Wednesday.

Eriksson's long-time assistant, Tord Grip, confirmed in Aftonbladet that Eriksson had been approached by South African football officials.


And the money is coming from where? For country with severe poverty, AIDS orphans, AIDS vicitims, they are going to spend millions on a football coach - yeah - makes a lot of sense to me! This is what baffles my brain about humans!
TracyW Wrote:This is what baffles my brain about humans!

humans baffle Ducks on occasion

especially overweight ones

luv u
TheDuck Wrote:humans baffle Ducks on occasion


Why do humans baffle overweight ducks in particular?
Big Grin

well ... I am becoming a thin Duck


TheDuck Wrote:Big Grin

well ... I am becoming a thin Duck

Nothing to do with the Bird Flu going round I hope?
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