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Full Version: Jesus asked Judas to betray him
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By Jean-Louis Santini

Washington - Lost for almost 1 700 years, a manuscript entitled Gospel of Judas is putting a new spin on the case of the biblical bad guy, maintaining that Jesus actually asked disciple Judas to betray him.
By Richard N Ostling

The tale of how the "Gospel of Judas" was rediscovered is worthy of a detective novel, but there is an even more tantalising religious mystery - whether the newly released document tells us anything authentic about either Jesus or Judas.
Was in most newspapers today

What will they do to find new news

At least Harry gave them something to write about... lap dancing.... eish, imagine a young man and a lap dancer

And then the bird flu

At least we who believe and know the truth do have not need to read the tale of the
"gospel of Judas"


this one i read and heard about it too. that jesus asked judas to betray him if not there would have never been the resuscitation....