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Full Version: Books in Charity Shops
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A tip for all those who do not know this, but the majority of Charity Shops have books for sale and I always go into them when passing, just to look at the books. I have bought some wonderful books in great condition at very reasonable prices in these shops.
I have probably bought at least 40% of my books from Charity shops, or second hand book shops. Most are in excellent condition!


well if we had secondhand bookshops here it would help..but the secondhand shops here sell mostly appliances and furniture....also charity shops here have mostly clothes.....Sad
Yesterday I bought two books in one of our Charity Shops here in town. Both are rather new and both can be purchased at W H Smith. The Railway one cost me £2.00 (£19.99 at Smith's) and the cricket autobiography cost me £2.40 (£9.99 at Smith's). Both books are in excellent condition.
I have found that some of these smaller towns are far better for book bargains in the Charity shops than in the bigger cities/towns. Hopefully this week I will take my wife out for a drive to Selby where in the past I have got some great books as they have a number of Charity shops there.