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Full Version: For God so loved
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:hartlik: FOR GOD SO LOVED:hartlik:

For God so loved the world:
This tattered orb
Swirling around in time and space,
Oblivious of the Great Design.
Whose inhabitants war and make war,
Consuming His love without regard.
Enslaving itÂ’s children
In prisons of consumption,
Wondering why their choices
Have taken them so far away from home.

For God so loved this world,
Which He crafted with such delight,
Spinning the stars out into galaxies,
Giving the Son to warm each cold heart.
His fingerprint is reflected in a multitude Of variations in colour, language, custom And song.

For God so loved this world,
Which discards itÂ’s unborn,
Eliminates itÂ’s elderly
Marginalises itÂ’s mentally challenged,
Unable to acknowledge that He does care for That which seemingly has no ability to repay or consume.

For God so loved this world,
That He devised a plan.
He would shoulder the blame
Fulfilling the criteria of carrying the shame.
It cost Him His Son,
His pure delight whoÂ’d
Accompanied Him from before time began.
He walked the road of the cross
Submitting to His own laws of gravity,
Covered with humility, to seal our destiny.

The exchange is so unequal,
The invitation so lavish.
I give Him my death, He gives me His life.
His tears as an abandoned Father moves Him to say,
I have loved you with An everlasting love which knows no end. :hartlik:

By Carolyn Ros