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Full Version: A stupid crazy idiots run in an area unknown
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Well there you have it ... running on empty

last night I decided to go for a run, a nice 1hr gallop. Now firstly, because I couldn't find my stopwatch I said to myself that if I cant find it, then I mustnt run.

As things go, my son found where his sister had placed it.

So off I go with the new sun visor, after telling wifey I would be out for an hour and the run I would be doing (the route I would be taking). All is going well and the pleasant jaunt with my new sun visor (7.30pm at night) .. galloping along going through the town and thinking how good I felt after 27mins.

So I decide to do this route which would be longer and all I needed to do was proceed straight for a little while and then turn right, go thru this town and then continue upon a route I knew which would take me home.

The turn should come up with 45mins on the clock .. no doubt .. a little further .. no maybe 50mins ... and so it proceeded till I finally turned 1hr and 7minutes into the run. To my dismay I see that I need to cover 7km till the town I need to pass through to get to the last 5km home.

1hr 41 and I arrive on the outskirts of the town .. I stop at a house and ask for a drink of water .. they don't have outside taps in these quarters .. and this will be the first and final drink

well .. not one for telling a long story Wink ... I proceed to the end of the town and begin the journey home .. finally approaching 2.4km to go .. nope not the army 2.4 .. with the sun now set and the legs and body asking the stupid question of what exactly is going on here ... I waddle the last part home ...

The run 2hr 29mins ... 10pm when I stagger through the door and maybe an unplanned distance of 25 to 26km covered

Now hopefully that will be the last time I run in areas I cannot fathom the real distances of .. if one had planned to be out for 2.30 hrs it would be fine

to say I was knackered would be putting it lightly .. and Dear nataliiie the various thoughts during this sojourn became more bizarre after 1hr and then 1:30 and so on

never say never but surely never again



Oh ducky! Great story! How do the legs feel today? Was the wife panicking that you were not home?
When I first started my running I also got lost but luckily found a postman ( well it was 6ish in the morning ) to send me in the right direction. :crylol:

Guess you kept on saying to your legs "hou bene hou!"

:jog: :jog: :jog: :jog: :jog:
wifey was a little concerned

geen hou bene hou

it was a crazy experience
TheDuck Wrote:wifey was a little concerned

geen hou bene hou

it was a crazy experience

I am laughing but I am also feeling for you .... but I know what it feels like.... not quite with running, but I decided to go up and down the towers of Warwick Castle on a day I was feeling really weak in the knees. There was a very big sign saying you have to go up and down all three towers. They are very steep..... it went on and on.... thought I was going to pass out.

Glad you surived and I can believe it that wifey was concerned!!
stored in the memory bank this one


begin a new training regime on Thursday .. hopefully the legs agree to partake
Have you bought your mobile GPS Unit to help you on your way :mmm: