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Full Version: Simplicity is the joy of life
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One of the reasons for our rushed lives could be our desire to have many earthly possessions. We exhaust ourselves so as to afford a new car, a house, a holiday, furniture, the children's education ... We worry today about the problems and expenses of tomorrow.

But listen to this: God measures out food of grace only one day at a time (Matthew 6:11). He provides in all our needs – one day at a time. But when we appoint ourselves as the architect and owner-builder of all our future plans, that is when our faith diminishes and the speed at which we live increases by the day, so much so that we have to devise all kinds of plans to get more unnecessary food on the table.

The solution is to hand over full control of the building plans of our lives to God. He should be the only Builder of the house of our life. Then we will move forward in the right direction, one day at a time. We will no longer have unnecessary man-made building plans in our lives that sap our energy and swallow our faith. Peace and simplicity will become the most precious possessions we have – gifts bestowed on us by the Lord!

Remember: God gives life one day at a time. Therefore, honour him by the way you live your life today.
Very true :wings:
oe-la-la Wrote:Very true :wings:

Yes Oe-la-la! He promises us our daily bread - just bread for today, because tomorrow He has fresh bread again.

I have a Saffer friend visiting me at the moment - she is turning 60 this year. Her hearts desires were to someday come to Wimbledon, and to go to Prague.

She is working in Thailand for years now, and some friends around the world club together and wrote a sweet card as if it was from the Lord. She came to England where an Umpire took her around Wimbledon for two days - treating her to ALL Wimbledon has to offer. She saw everything and saw the best players perform.

Next week she is going to see her mother in SA for a month, then return to England to take a trip to Prague with all cost paid. She gets tears in her eyes sharing God's goodness and extravagance to her.

The Lord gave me a wonderful treat through it all too - she is such a beautiful lady to look at and such fun to be with. My blessings for a few days.Smile
Enjoy your friend's visit blommetjie and make the most of it! :cloud9: