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Full Version: Beef Burger
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Something you might want to try at home instead of the usual rubbish you buy that's processed.
Ask your butcher to mince the beef on a coarse setting, so you can get the 'mouthfeel' when it's cooked.

Best burger: Grant Hawthorne

Y= 15
2 kg Coarse ground beef mince (A mixture of 28day aged Scottish fillet, rump and sirloin)
500g Diced onion
5 Whole large eggs
40g Ground sweet paprika
30g Cracked white pepper
40g Maldon salt
10g BBQ spice
30g Chopped mixed herbs (basil, thyme and marjoram)

Other (per portion):
1 thick slice of vintage Cheddar cheese
1 slice of grilled Pancetta
Mixed lettuce leaves
Sliced Gherkins
Sliced vine-ripened plum tomatoes
Homemade red onion chutney
Toasted sesame seed bun


Mince the beef using a coarse setting.
In a mixing bowl, place all ingredients. Mix together with the ground beef until evenly distributed.
Portion out into 180g patties, shape and leave to set in the fridge for 2 hours.

Remove burger patties from the fridge, brush with olive oil and char-grill until cooked through.
Place the piece of Pancetta on top of the patty and cover with the vintage cheese. Grill under the salamander until melted and slightly brown.
Assemble the burger ‘open style’ with the base having the lettuce, tomato, gherkin, onion and burger patty with grilled cheese and Pancetta. The lid is spread with a little mayonnaise.
Garnish with a sprig of thyme or marjoram.
Serve with hand-cut triple cooked chips on the side (optional)


This simple burger is enhanced by the saltiness of the Pancetta and the comfort of melted vintage cheddar.
The char grilled flavours will be enhanced by the sweetness of the red onion chutney and offset by the tanginess of the gherkins.
The prime ingredients are the Scottish beef and the local vintage cheddar.
The style of serving is simple, informal and ‘open’ in presentation.
The feedback from customers is very positive – several have begged and received this, my personal recipe.
For liquid accompaniment, a decent lager/ German Weiss bier or a hearty glass of red – Australian Shiraz would be my recommendation.