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Full Version: Fish and hand cut chips - variation on a classic
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A classic dish.. made with a little southern hemisphere influence Wink

Best Fish and Chips: Grant Hawthorne

Y= 15 portions

15 X 200g portions of Icelandic Cod (alternatives: Pollack or South African line-caught Hake, South African Kingklip)
Pea puree
1kg Petit Pois
100g Butter
250g Honey
200g Shallots
100ml White wine Vinegar
200ml Vegetable nage/ Stock
Salt and pepper to taste
Seasoned Flour:
3kg Double Zero flour
2 kg Self-raising flour
200g Aromat
200g Garlic Salt
150g Ground white pepper
10kg Large Maris Piper potatoes, peeled
Salted water with bay leaves, for par boiling
Rapeseed oil for deep-frying

Pea Puree
Blanch the peas in boiling salted water. Refresh in an ice bath.
Sweat the shallots in the butter. Reserve to one side and allow to cool.
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend at high speed for approximately 7 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve.
When reheating the puree, add a little stock and a knob of butter and reduce till required consistency.
Seasoned Flour:
Sieve the flour and seasonings together. Mix well and ensure even distribution of flavours. Package into airtight containers for later use.
Using the peeled Maris PiperÂ’s, cook in salted water (with a good flavouring of bay leaves) until just cooked. Drain and allow to cool.
Cut potatoes into ‘Chunky frites’ and blanch in the oil (225F) for approximately 8-10 minutes until slightly coloured. Drain on absorbent paper and allow to cool.
For service, cook the portion (approx 250-300g) of potatoes at 300F until crispy and golden. Season with table or Maldon salt and serve immediately.
Pin bone the fillets of white fish, being careful not to damage the flesh. Pat dry with a tea towel. Reserve to one side in the fridge.
For service, place the portion of fish in the seasoned flour, and coat thoroughly. Pat gently to remove excess flour and deep fry (325F) for 4-6 minutes until cooked.
Serve immediately with the chips, pea puree and garnished with fresh lime and lemon wedges.

The simple classic dish of fish and chips is enhanced by the bittersweet flavoured pea puree. The triple-cooked chips are inspired by the recipe from the Fat Duck in Bray.
The pea puree is a take on the Northern England inspired mushy peas and is a classic combination of fish, chips and peas. It has the flavour of peas, with an undercurrent of sweet and bitter. Remarkable colour and stunning visual effect.

The seasoned flour is a simple, lighter way of coating the fish, prior to deep frying, avoiding the heavy versions of batter.

The main ingredients of fish are sourced primarily for their sustainability.

The serving style is simple and classic in presentation.

Most guests have thoroughly enjoyed the lighter version of deep fried fish and chips and a few have been forward enough to ask for and receive the recipe for the pea puree.

The wine recommendation would be a good Chardonnay with buttery overtones or a simple Sauvignon Blanc, with aromatic overtures.