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Full Version: Where do you buy or borrow your Books from ?
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I always buy my books - I get far too attached to get them from the library! I buy them from Ottakars, WHSmith, Tesco's.... And sometimes from Waterstones, although I prefer the selection at the Ottakars by us, as they have a great variety!

If I pre-order, I get them from Amazon. :thumbs:
Can I just say, The U.K. ?

Books are hideously expensive here in Denmark so I tend to go on shoppding sprees when in the U.K.

I buy from anywhere in the U.K. books stores, supermarkets, charity shops, et al.

I also order online and have them shipped to friends to either collect from or send to me, as normally there is a large import duty and tax to be paid if they are sent from a dealer.

Online, I tend to order from Amazon and Abebooks Smile
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