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Full Version: "Stoned in love".
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I really like the song "Stoned in love" by Chicane & featuring Tom Jones. It's been playing a lot on the radio lately & climbing up the charts here. It's great that Tom Jones is still going strong.

What songs do you GB's like that are out at the moment?
sadly there is nothing tickling my fancy at the moment .. however it seems as we are being treated to our kids' favourite music at present

Big Grin
My daughter is into Avril Lavigne, so that's mostly what we're hearing at the moment.

(Thank goodness she's over Busted! :haha: )
When we are driving in my car, my daughter wants to listen to her music & I want to listen to mine but we both like "Stoned in love". Actually theres a few "older songs" that she likes too as she has grown up listening to them & I must admit some of the newer stuff is ok too. We take it in turns what cd's to listen to which is only fair I suppose.