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Full Version: Introducing Henning Mankell
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Due to our location (Ystad) and our knowledge of his work, I thought it only right to introduce you to Sweden's Henning Mankell who's books are also available in English.

We took out 5 videos based on Mankell's Kurt Wallender Detective series, in preparation of our move to Ystad and thoroughly enjoyed them. I only recently learnt that his writings are also available in English. Wallander is Ystad's most famous 'fictitious' citizen. The Wallander series has sold more than 25 million copies and is most delightful entertainment for those with an enjoyment for books regarding a detective series.

Here is a list of books available in English

Faceless Killers .. 1997
The White Lioness .. 1998
Pyramiden .. 1999
One Step Behind .. 2000
The Fifth Woman .. 2000
Sidetracked .. 2000
The Dogs of Riga .. 2001
Firewall .. 2002
Before the Frost .. 2004
The Man Who Smiled .. 2005

Please, let us know if any of you come across Mankell's work?

Ystad is a popular destination for both the book and film enthusiasts as all the stories are contemporary and the actual settings can be found in and around the Town.




Thanks for that G,

will look out for his work here...

I have now read Faceless Killers which is set in 1990

as well as Sidetracked which is set in 1994

and currently I am busy with One Step Behind which is set in 1996

living in the area makes the book even more enjoyable

They will be putting the stories into film in English now and Kenneth Branagh will play Wallander