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Full Version: Manage your time well
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Let us talk today about two principles for the management of spiritual time.

The first one is:

*Proclaim each day a special day for the Lord
The first thing you must do if you want to live your life in pace with the Lord's programme, is to make each day his day. Do not set aside Sundays only for the Lord. No, make each day, from Monday to Saturday, God's special day. Thank Him for another day when you wake up each morning and declare the day a day of celebration. Proclaim officially at the doors of heaven that you will devote the full 24 hours of the day to the Lord. Oh yes, remember that God hears you and that He takes your word for it if you promise to give Him your time. For his part, He will overwrite all your appointments, gatherings, visits and hours of recreation with his heavenly programme. All of a sudden, God's priorities will be yours.

The second one is:

**Set aside prime time for God each day
Make a fixed appointment with the Lord each day and keep it faithfully. Switch off your cell phone, close the door and spend some time alone with God and his Word. You will harvest grace if you sow time on the heavenly fields of the Lord. If you do, you will always have much to harvest! It will be worth your while to set aside time for the Bible, for when you are busy with the Word you are on the special training field of the Holy Spirit. This is the place where your life will be shaped and changed by the most powerful Person in the universe! While you are busy reading the Bible, the Holy Spirit is rewriting the letters you are reading in your heart. He changes you while you are quietly reading his Book. In this way He plants the seeds of heaven in your heart, and from there they quickly take root in your thoughts, your hands and your feet.

There are no shortcuts to spiritual growth, there are only RIGHT ROADS! One of these, and one of the most important routes on the highway of faith, is giving God your time each day. Go ahead and declare the rest of this day the Lord's. What are you waiting for? Oh yes, and do it again tomorrow, and the day after ...

Lord, I give you my most precious possession: my time!

Teach me to manage it wisely.

Help me to honour you with the way I live.

Make today a day of celebration in my life.

May my every word, deed and thought glorify You.

May all your children be festive today

in the Name of Jesus,