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Full Version: Switzerland calling
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Quote:Originally posted by bro
OKay Germany , get your diaries out.

Spit Braai 14/15 August camp over and do pretty much as you please.

Hi Bro!

Good to hear... I would love to organise a few German saffers to come join up with you all again for the Spit braai. Big Grin

Is it at the same Waldhütte as last year (there's no exact details on the website yet)? Smile
oh oh, i can see a party happening here again Smile Wink
Have just gotten confirmation.... the sheep spit braai will be on the 5th of June! See their website:

I'm sure it's going to be great fun again! Big Grin
Just got my shift plan for May and early June and unfortunately I will be working on the 5th and 6th of June... so no sheep spit braai for me! Sad :bigcry:
Quote:Originally posted by bro
OKay Germany,

some of the venue dates have changed so watch our website as we change the lok feel and all inthe next few days.



and yahoo am off to JHB and CT next week care of company expenses.

Why are some people so lucky!!!!!!

You live in Switzerland, you get to go to Cape Town, company paying for expenses, I have now just become heavily deeeeeeeeeepressed!!!!