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Full Version: Help with pictures
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I need some help, i cant see the pictures anymore like the avators and several pictures on this site like the one in the left hand corner, what program am i missing, can anyone help? :confused:
Hi 330Kitten....

Have a look at your User CP - go to edit options - then see if the "show avatars" box is ticked.

yeah thats all done, unfortunitly it is not just a problem with this site, when i go onto ebay it does it too, i cant see all the pictures instead i see little x s in the left hand corner.
which one in the left hand corner?

it is a good idea to clear your cache occasionally

Firefox: Tools/Options/Privacy/Cache [Clear Cache Now]
IE: Tools/Internet Options [Delete Files] [ok]
Thanks Ade youre an absolitute star, it is working again!!!! :thumbs: