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Full Version: favourite movie/tv programmes
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Was just wondering what everyone's is.
Quote:Originally posted by curio
Was just wondering what everyone's is.

Scrubs, CSI, Sex and the City, Friends, Nip/Tuck, Charmed
I love some of the UK detective drama's and thrillers for eg at the moment "Wire in the Blood". And many others.

Comedy has to be Friends, Scrubs, Will and Grace

ER, Cold Case, Without a Trace, 24 and lastly Eastenders -

Favourite movie of all time? The Princess Bride

Tv? Have I got News for You, Trigger Happy TV, Smack the Pony, Friends, University Challenge, People Like Us, Forensic Detectives Smile
Favourite movie (this is hard) has got to be a tie: The Green Mile, and Ever After
Friends, ER, Trigger Happy TV (hee hee), 3 Non Blondes, and my personal favourite, "The Secret Life Of Us" which is an Aussie series on E4.
Friends, ER, Dharma and Gregg, Roseanne...

Movies..well that would have to be Lord of the Rings at the moment....
Reading your favourites was interesting. I noticed "Friends" was popular & Sex in the city. I prefer the latter one.
One British programme that I enjoy is "Bad girls".
I also like the American programme "Survivor".
I think choosing a favourite movie is quite hard though.

party boy

favourite movies: half baked, freddy got fingered, stealing harvard.

favourite tv show: south park Big Grin most the other shows seem to be ****.
Will & Grace, FBI Files, Forensic Detectives, Nip/Tuck and Charmed. I am sure there are a lot more but these are the ones I watch often.
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