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Full Version: Use your facial muscles correctly!
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I heard about a boy once who had found a dried leaf in his mother's Bible and asked her: “Mum, is this the fig leaf that Adam used in the Garden when he wanted to hide his nakedness?” Cute, not so! We should really have more humour in our lives, don't you think? We should make time for laughing and being jolly. Do we not serve a God of joy? In his kingdom joy is triumphant. With Him there is no place for sulking and putting up a long face (Romans 14:17).

Perhaps we shouldn't take ourselves and others so seriously. Perhaps we should be more light-hearted about life (not that we should be frivolous!). A believer once made the remark that “God must have a very good sense of humour since He made human beings like us!" Whenever you are about to fly off the handle, ask yourself if it is really worth getting so upset about. Try laughing out loud at yourself and others (or rather with others!) for a change. God gave you many facial muscles, most of which get absolutely no exercise if you don't laugh often. So, what are you waiting for?

Remember:I can afford to laugh because God really loves me!

Stefan Joubert

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