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Full Version: Do you know any South African Chefs working in the UK?
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Hi all

I am currently working on a project for next year and I was wondering whether you know of any South African Chefs (either born there or raised there or simply with a South African connection)?

I'd appreciate a line or 2 about where they work, what they're doing and whether they'd be interested in a project for next year.

They might be at your local pub or at the magnificent restaurant down the road from you or you might have met them shopping in some market place.

Any info would be great :thumbs:

For any of the wise guys.. I'll list a few that I know:

Myself Rolleyes

Chakalaka Restaurant, Putney

Geisha, Nottinghamshire

Cocoon, London

Royalist Hotel, Gloucestershire

Fat Duck, Bray Chef Heston Blumenthal's almost ended up in Cape Town Wink

Many thanks in advance

Over to you..
Jabula Restaurant at Ellesmere Port :thumbs:
Thanks Oe!

I know there are a few restaurants up north, Scotland way and Newcastle too. Just have no idea what their names are :wall:

I believe there are quite a few down south, near the coast.. and likewise, still clueless.

I'ts not limiting it to South African restaurants at all - South African Chefs is the term I'm after. They might be at your local pub/ gastro pub/ restaurant etc..

Many thanks again
Thanks Mcamp :thumbs:

As mentioned before, it is research done for a project next year involving chefs, and as many South African chefs are working here, it'd be great to involve them in a big way.

Any further places you've happened upon?
My Boetie.

Trained at ML Sultan Collage in Durban.
First job in England was at Sesdon Park Hotel.
Croydon Park Hotel.
Pall Mall Club.
The Duke Hotel London
Canizzaro House where he got a 3 rosette AA thingy
Now happily married and working in a fish restraunt in Littlehampton
oe-la-la Wrote:Jabula Restaurant at Ellesmere Port :thumbs:

Thanks DB :thumbs:

Jewels.. you keep raving about this place? :confused:
Big Grin

Any more insights?
One of my closest friends is a chef, I will get her details for you...
Pampered Wrote:One of my closest friends is a chef, I will get her details for you...

Does that make her a Chieftain