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Full Version: Congrats England
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Jip Seasider, you and the other Poms must be smiling today Smile

Seriously though, congrats to England, they shouldv'e won furhter though, maybe then SA Rugby will wake up and get rid of JW and John Smit.

Next weekend the Bokke will loose again, sad but true.

We weren't watching the same game mate, England pulled off several try scoring tackles in the first half and SA should have gone in at half time with the game sowed up. England were much better in the second half, I grant you, but remember that the penalty they got was after a blatant knock on missed by the ref.

That, combined with the fact that this was in effect an SA B team, bodes quite well for the future of SA rugby, whereas England have some hard work to do to get back up the ladder.

Juan Smith had a good game yesterday, his lineout throws were pretty good yeterday.
Hi MAL, I didn't watch the game, i was in France and came back late last night.

I was at Lansdown road last week and saw enough to put me off Bok rugby for a while.

Paddy the Irish got a new fan last week, i went back to the stadion after every one left and found some of the Irish players practicing. That AFTER they just won against SA, that shows commitment.
I think the thing about Bok rugby that worries me the most is commitment. I have seen it in the Tri Nations and last weekend, it reminds of a time just after the '95 world cup when they started talking about money and not the game. The was big problems then and now again. There seem to be no pride in most of the players.

Get rid of JW, Smit and a few regular so called stars and they will be a force again. If possible have a look at games where Vic Matfield play for the Bokke with Bakkes Botha as partner, then a game where Vic has ontother partner. He only "seem" to want to partner with Bakkes. I'm talking against a Bulls player !! I've been in the UK too long Smile

To cut a long story short. Drop JW, Smit and Vic, then get a coach and players whao WANT to play and deserve to be there, then, and only then will they become a force in world rugby again.

Ask yourself this question. What does the UK and in particilar Ireland and England teams and supporters think about us, the Bokke and the SA supporters ? JW leave 13 of the top players at home nd think he will beat the Irish and English with his 2nd / 3rd team. I think that's a slap in the face and show disrespect to these nations.

JW never thought that the side he was bringing over was going to beat Ireland and England. He has his eye on the world cup, and is looking to develop a second string as cover.

As many of the pundits have been saying, if he returns to SA having found another eight players who can fit in, then it will have been a success. The WC is all that counts at the moment.

Even the Kiwis haven't brought out their first string (although I reckon that if NZ entered a first and second side, they would meet each other in the final)
Piet,ALL international sides send weakend sides on end of season tours,so they can rest players, England have been doing it for years.

I say get rid of these autumn internationals and bring back the old tours,let SA,Aus and NZ take turns coming over for end of season tours and do the Grand Slam and play mid-week games aswell.

The only problem I have with JW is his reluctance in picking Luke Watson. Keep JW till the WC and then hand over to Rassie!

Boks threw the game away on saturday,Pretorius had a mare Confusedad: We had 7 players missing remember, I would rather be in our shoes than Englands !!!!
I don't agree with the resting of players. My boss don't let me rest, i have a job to do and so do they. Robok i agree with Luke Watson, he should be here, same with Gary Botha, and Kabamba Floors. He will be here this weekend, but should've been here from the start.

Mal, i hear what you say about the 8 players and have read that excuse. Can you honestly say that after the CC, S14 and Tri Nations the selectors still don't know hwo to choose? We all know who should be playing, why don't they?

I am seriously fed up with JW and his captain. SA rugby is fast becomming the laughing stock of world rugby.
Hey Piet aren't you your own Boss :haha:

lol ... I love that ... my Boss is ook taai

Big Grin

ek werk sommer ook vir my self
Jip Duck, i work for myself and part time for a real bess as well, both don't want to give me any time off :mad:

Dis taai man Smile