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Full Version: A few quotes about Hospitality
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Confusedpring: Hospitality means giving that which mankind needs above all: friendship and understanding, security in the reassuring knowledge that someone cares for them, likes them sincerely, will never disappoint their trust and is spontaneously intrested in their everyday living simple and sincere. - R. Boudens -

Confusedpring: He who cannot be friendly towards a fine guest, will never have one. - Chinese Proverb -

Confusedpring: Hospitality doesn't imply that we would like to change other people, it implies that we would like to give other people space in which change can take place. it doesn't include tat we want to persuade men and woman to our side, but it does mean that we provide a freedom thatcannot be crossed by borders. - Henry Nouwen -

Confusedpring: To receive doesn't firstly mean throwing the doors fo your house wide open, but to throw the doors of your heart wide open, and by doing so becoming vulnerable yourself. It is a disposition, an inner attitude. It implies receiving the other person into yourself, even when it becomes bothersome or unsafe; to be concerned about the other person, to pay attention and to help him to find his place in the local community or somewhere else. - J Vanier -
Very true! :lovef: