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Full Version: Blood diamond the movie
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Who has seen this brilliant fliek? Big Grin

Arnold Vosloo starring in it as well, and there is a few shots made in Cape Town, at the waterfront etc. Even a few Afrikaans words in the script!
Finally got to see this movie last night. I was reluctant to watch it (memories of bad Saffer accents in Lethal Weapon spring to mind).

It was good - Hollywoodised in parts- but good. Leonardo's accent was passable (loved the slang he threw in there - Howzit China, Bru, Lekker).

Spotted Marius Weyers playing van der Kamp. (non speaking) Arnold Vosloo and a few others. I felt pretty homesick for the Cape.

Its not a movie to sit down and enjoy. Its Schindlers LIst for Africa - will shock and move you and in the end be stunned by it all. To quote a line from the movie
T.I.A - This Is Africa
It is interesting to note that Leo De Caprio plays the role of an ex-32battalion member

I am yet to see the movie
Quite liked the movie as well