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Full Version: Building blocks, or weapons of destruction - your choice
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“We make our language, and then our language makes us.”

“We are what we say.”

Maybe you have heard these sayings. Language makes things happen. The language of our parents, friends and environment are the spectacles and the ears through which we get to know and discuss our world. Language is an important gatekeeper, maintainer and builder of the world we live in.

Language can also be a life threatening weapon. Take the language of JesusÂ’ opponents as recounted in the Gospel. People would often speak of God. However their language would increase the darkness surrounding people, whilst the language of Jesus would disperse it. The words of Jesus were building blocks, and those of His opponents were weapons of destruction.

Do you remember the story of the woman who washed JesusÂ’ feet, and then dried them with her hair at the house of Simon the Pharisee (Luke 7:36-50)? Well, the words of the religious ones were filled with judgement when confronting the woman about her sinful life. They wrote her off there and then. In contrast with the destructive words and thoughts left hanging in the air in SimonÂ’s house, JesusÂ’ language was the perfect heavenly building material.

Jesus did not need many words when He spoke to the sinful woman. A few sentences were more than sufficient! His words immediately gave her new life - eternal life! This is what Jesus said to her:

“Your sins are forgiven,”


“Go in peace; your faith has saved you!”

Is there any more powerful language than that? Have there ever been any more beautiful sounds come from the mouth of Jesus?

JesusÂ’ words are never mere fillers, neither are they simply pretty nor soothing on the ear. On the contrary, they make things happen at the speed of light, the speed of heaven even! At the precise moment that Jesus announced forgiveness for that woman the heavenly records for her actions were to change for ever. The angels in heaven began there and then to celebrate the homecoming of another lost sheep found by the good Shepherd.

JesusÂ’ words ARE life. What He says happens. Thank God, His words are building blocks, not weapons of destruction. (He has those in reserve for the last day of days!) His words save and heal. They bring eternal healing! By the way, what words has Jesus spoken out over you in recent times? Remember, what He says about you happens!

Lord Jesus, when I look at myself now, I see my weaknesses
I am poor, naked and vulnerable.
What do I have to offer You?
Nothing at all!
My hands are empty!
I have no words
Yet You care for me
Yet You call me to You
You make me new!
It is all grace;
Therefore I bring all my thanks, praise and honour to You!

Stephan Joubert