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Full Version: Happy Valentines Day..
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To those that might endure a smile with a wish that is guarded, commercial and sometimes filled with promise..
I wish you a Happy Day of not knowing where the day might lead.. :confused: :mrg:

To those that are simply romantic, unabashed and live with their passion.. I wish you too a Happy Day. You know where it will lead.. :woof: :leaf:

To my other half (some say better :wall: )
Big Grin

A very Happy Valentines Day :lovef:
A Happy Valentines Day to everyone...... :lovef:

... and Cheffie, thanks for being a friend .... you are truly a good
:chef: Smile

:hartlik: :hartlik: :hartlik:
Happy Valentine's day to ALL

Big Grin

:berry: Happy Valentines Day to all of you! :berry:
:friend: :friend:

:jester:Happy Hallmark day everyone :jester:



Big Grin:
Inga Wrote:Happy Valentines Day to you Cheffie. :choc:

And to you :woof:

I'll get to make lots of people happy today Wink All 80 odd at the restaurant :wall: Well Hopefully..Big Grin

Blom.. friendship works both ways. Thanks for the scones :footie:
Big Grin