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Full Version: Popeye is Back
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Hi there all GB-Saffers. It has been a long time. All the time spent travelling from New Zealand (The Land of the Long White Cloud) to our NEW home in County Cork - Ireland. :thumbs:

Yip we have landed safely, and settling in. Thanks to one and all who helped with information regarding moving to Ireland. :thx:

It is quite cold here at present, but coming from wet, windy and cold Wellington, has prepared us well, and anyway, Spring will soon be in the air. Confusedpring:

So, are there any members of this forum based in or near Cork? It would be nice to know people close by, who can give us any info. on our new area, and tell us what to look out for?

Anyone planning on coming to Ireland or planning or considering?

Take care, and hope to hear from you all soon.
Welcome back, Popeye! :hugs: Bushbaby lives in Ireland. Have a look out for him. Smile I hope you'll be very happy in your new home. Confusedue:
popeye congrats and welcome back

Bushbaby lives in Dublin

my folks live near Cork however unless you an undertaker I doubt you will meet them in any other manner

Big Grin

GRAND and ALL to be
Howzit Popeye!

Great region you're living in :thumbs:

The Titanic museum is worth a trip.

Go to the Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone! Gift of the gab awaits you.. Wink

The trip from Cork to Dublin by train is amazing. They always say that Ireland is the Emerald Isle - you'll understand why when you do it. Especially in early summer - pictures do not paint it justly.

The food in Ireland is wonderful - there are a few areas to look out for in the countryside.

The oysters, prawns and seafood in general is magnificent..

And then we get to the accents :woof: A reason enough to move there in my opinion - and the beautiful Irish lasses with their lilting voices almost sing to you..

Have a wonderful new beginning
Welcome back Popeye. Confusedtpday:

Nice to hear from you again. Smile

Hope that you're settling in nicely.

Have never been to Ireland but have heard wonderful things about it though.
Hi Popeye,

Welcome to Ireland, I arrived 7 years ago and still haven't that must be saying something. I live in north Co. Kildare (the horse county) about half an hour outside Dublin. My fiance is from West Cork, Ballydehob and she has two sisters living in Carrigaline, so I'm definately around those parts in the summer. There's a few saffas in Cork so you're not alone. Bushbaby also has friends in Cork, if I remember. In Dublin, there's an SA shop, supplying all your SA goodies and they run an on-line forum. The address is:
All the best, Paddy
Hi guys... welcome back.

Hope your house will become a home quickly and that you will make great friends. You are welcome down south if you want to visit London. Smile Not that I will be here much the next few months, but let me know.

Thanks everyone. It is good to see so many familiar names.

Thanks for the info. supplied by you all, and we will be sure to make a trip to Dublin in the train. My sister-in-law lives up there.

If anyone is travelling to Cork, and visiting near the airport area, we are quite close, and you are most welcome to pop around for a couple of Guinness and a chow.

I must say, I quite like living in the country side. It is so much better than city life.

Anyway, you all take care, and thanks once again for the warm welcome, and all the advice.


PS: Yip, I just love the accents around here, hopefully I will catch on to it soon. :engel:
If you get bored of the Irish you can always catch the ferry to Holyhead and see how what the Welsh are like (accent not so nice). Be warned though the sheep will know you are here......... they know all......

Remember find a rainbow, sit very quietly and you may catch a Leperachaun counting is gold. :tonguepop: Good to have you 'up North'
Good to see you're posting again popeye. Have fun in Ireland! Confusedtpday: