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party boy

hey guys, i got a new laptop with dvd drive, but windows media player says it needs something else to play the disc, what can i download for free? at the moment the all i can do is see the files, cant watch anything, thanx a lot guys Smile
I don't know anything about DVDs, but is it a codec that it is asking for ?

party boy

hey jangar, it keeps asking for a decoder, now ive tried downloading one and have a new problem, this thing doesnt download very fast, it says 40 mins for a 2meg file and then when it gets to about 10% it crashes Sad i think its my ISP, everythinng is slower than usual, damn iafrica Sad
First update your Windows XP PB.

If you have trouble downloading and you have wireless I can give you a hot spot very close to your house Big Grin

My house ... nobody there but ADSL is online and the Wireless is running unprotected ... upon for those that wants it (PS : My machine IS protected though) ... shout if you need help.

Sorry you will have to sit on a deck chair outside as the house is armed and the dogs on the prowl and the house hold only comes back Tuesday.

Gimme a shout if you need help or phone my firend Steven Hazelden (only Hazelden in tel book in Strand ) 853 .. tell him Cassie referred you from West Africa.