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Full Version: Jail for Facebook spoof Moroccan - opinion
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Whereas I do find the 3 year prison sentence as a bit harsh

[COLOR="Navy"]A Moroccan computer engineer has been sentenced to three years in jail for setting up a Facebook profile in the name of a member of the royal family.

Fouad Mourtada was arrested on 5 February on suspicion of stealing the identity of Prince Moulay Rachid, younger brother of King Mohammed VI.

The Casablanca court also ordered Mr Mourtada, 26, to pay a $1,300 fine.

The prosecution had urged the court to impose a sentence which set an example for others.

Mr Mourtada was convicted of "villainous practices linked to the alleged theft of the [prince's] identity".[/COLOR]

Full Story - Jail for Facebook spoof Moroccan

How are we meant to combat all the amount of internet fraud that is taking place?