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Full Version: Fantasy Racers Mini-League
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Goodness Gracious Me,

I thought that the Yahoo league would be the one everyone would join but I was wrong :dazed:

Just in case anyone needs the details for this league:

League Name : Buzzers
League Number : 232
League Password : global

And here is a list of our mini-league as it stands at the moment.


Pos  Team Name Latest  Total  
1st  CheffiesCrackers Grant H...... 0  0  
2nd  Catchmeifucan Jan Petersen 0  0  
3rd  cruisingbruising Peter Pompies 0  0  
4th  The Baldies Simon New 0  0  
5th  Breakdown's Allan Campbell 0  0  
6th  meDucksters Me Duckie 0  0  
7th  mcampsters M Camp 0  0

I can't believe that Cheffie's ahead of me and we haven't even had a race yet... LOL

[BUZZ]Good Luck Everyone[/BUZZ]

Long may it stand that I am on top :thumbs:
Big Grin
it good to get ahead at the start
Results from Australia..

Pos Team Name Latest Total

1st CheffiesCrackers Grant H 446 446
2nd The Baldies Simon New 414 414
[SIZE="4"]3rd Catchmeifucan Jan Petersen 375 375 [/SIZE]
4th mounties Malcom Campbell 369 369
5th cruisingbruising Peter Pompies 311 311
6th Breakdown's Allan Campbell 311 311
7th mcampsters M Camp 311 311
8th meDucksters Me Duckie 260 260
9th upthenews Simon New 0 0
10th crashnburn Simon New 0 0


Jamjar... oh dear Big Grin

Duckie.. I can lend you a donkey?
Big Grin
Thanx for posting the results Cheffie Smile

What a race !!!! and what a result :mad:

Actually Cheffie was so pleased to be at the top that I thought I'd be kind to him for a while :haha:

Cheffie - Where do you see Jamjar in our league? I haven't come across since VS closed down Sad
choke on your Crow pie Chef

its not a sprint

Big Grin
from Crow to Humble Pie

Mr Chef


1st meDucksters Me Duckie 524 784
2nd Catchmeifucan Jan Petersen 383 758
3rd CheffiesCrackers Grant H...... 311 757
4th mounties Malcom Campbell 377 746
5th The Baldies Simon New 312 726
6th cruisingbruising Peter Pompies 388 699
7th mcampsters M Camp 377 688
8th Breakdown's Allan Campbell 302 613
9th crashnburn Simon New 383 383
10th upthenews Simon New 378 378
TheDuck Wrote:from Crow to Humble Pie

Mr Chef



Donkey pie? :wall:

If you want a recipe, ask Mcamp Big Grin
Thanx for the update Mcamp Smile

Not bad considering I forgot to change my team...