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Full Version: Home made Soap anyone???
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Has anyone ever had a go at making homemade soaps??

Have looked on the web and found some resources, but most offer advice but are looking to sell their own wares.

Would like to have a go at making some of the clear (glycerine) soaps with some essential oils in, and also something with Sandalwood.

Only Prob is that we have not been able to find Raw Caustic soda in normal outlets in Germany, I suspect it is a regulated substance ..

appreciate any inputs thanx
I've never tried it myself, except for melting down soap already and reshaping it. Sad I'll see if I can find some caustic soda for you though.

I found this link. Havent looked at it in depth tho, but seems to have a lot of info.
Thanx very much, we will be asking the next visitor from the UK to bring some caustic soda along with them. Just hope that the flight allows it on board... caustic substance and all that.

I found loads of interesting info on the web, and we will be giving it a go this summer.

Now can anyone recommend a good source for essential oils such as sandalwood etc?
Howzit Jim

Get hold of Toad via email. I'm sure he'd be able to give you some advice..