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Full Version: Stewart Says Cracks Show In Hamilton
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I am not sure whether this helps anyone but then I suppose it is the British way[COLOR="Navy"]

• RBS ambassador and three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart says cracks are once again beginning to show in Lewis Hamilton's cool and calm demeanour – just as the F1 season gets to crunch time.

“The Japanese race demonstrated that Lewis is still very young, in only his second season, and although he comes across as very cool in interviews, he doesn't always have the same level of mind management when he's racing…Lewis Hamilton can still win the championship, but not if he drives the last two races the way he drove in Japan.”

“Hamilton’s approach in that first corner was slightly arrogant to other drivers. He braked far too late, ran deep into the run-off area, almost collided with Kimi Raikkonen, and was later punished by the stewards with a drive-through penalty. That was the Make it happen moment of the race: Lewis didn't make it happen for himself; he made it happen for everybody else by taking himself out of contention.”

“Recently we've seen the race stewards handing out more and more penalties for using extra pieces of the racetrack. That's happening because there's no real penalty to the driver or his car for going over the edge of the racetrack…But with the technology that we have available to us today, it would be easy to design a run-off area that would not give drivers the liberty to use it and come out unscathed."

- Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart and Gary Anderson RBS Ambassadors[/COLOR]