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Full Version: Movie - The day after tomorrow
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I want to go & see the movie "The day after tomorrow".
Anyone seen it yet?
Just got back from seeing the movie & I quite enjoyed it.
Great special effects and so good to see the good ole US of A decided to share the burden Rolleyes of being relentlessly targeted by forces unnatural/ unbelievable in allowing the whole Northern Hemisphere to become frigid :thumbs:

My favourite line from the movie...

'Mexico has closed its borders!' :haha:


A good bit of theatre and escapism.. the making of the movie would be worthwhile to buy on DVD later Wink
i fancy this too - hopefully can go and see it soon Smile
It's a "typical" American movie.
Quote:Originally posted by Curio
It's a "typical" American movie.

What makes you say that?

Is it the accents that kinda give it away... as I do think there was the odd English one there too Big Grin