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Full Version: Rugby World Cup 2011 Fantasy Game
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We have made these forums available for the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand and have provided a url to the Fantasy Game we recommend

we selected this Fantasy Game for it's ease of use and have created the globabalbuzz-sa league

the code to enter the globabalbuzz-sa league is 16828-6275

enjoy and do post your Team name here

do also note you do not have to be registered to be able to post in Rugby World Cup 2011 forum



Bring it on everyone Smile
I will do mine tomorrow. Cheers G.

Look forward to it Smile
Right I'm finally registered but the league code isn't working? Am I doing something wrong?
will ask mcamp as he set-up the League

know there was a problem at first


Thanks G Smile


I am very excited for the Rugby world cup in New Zealand! Indeed, being a die-hard fan is a pricey undertaking, as sports are prohibitively costly. That is an infallible truth! However, watching sporting events can be a valuable experience for everybody and being a die hard fan can be a way of acquiring positive sporting behavior! Do you agree? Wait! Can you have a forum update to those who can't watch the sporting event live because they can't afford to buy those expensive tickets?