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Full Version: Anthony Clarke London Business Angels Association Shocking Links UK's Biggest Fraud
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Sensational revelations now unfolding in American and British media reports on the massive Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars offshore tax evasion money laundering scandal has revealed that the former Lord Mayor of the City of London and current chairman of Kingston Smith Sir Michael Snyder together with Michael Sinclair who is thought to have been the audit partner for the Carroll Trust's underlying six surviving global group structures "in concert" with the current auditors Edward Robinson & Co of Liverpool continue to retain a complete audit trail lockdown of the primary fraudulent trust corporations. The UK Companies House "registered" Carroll Trust corporations embrace Carroll Holdings Corporation Ltd Lombardic Corporation Plc. Carroll Securities & Investments Ltd. Carroll Iberian Development Corporation Ltd Russian Investment Corporation Ltd. and PYBT Development Fund (Northern) Ltd.

In a stunning twist further media reports have stated that both Scotland Yard and the Surrey Police are understood to be "targeting" Anthony Clarke Chairman of the British Business Angels Association and the Angel Capital Group based in Pall Mall London who in his previous capacity as the Chief Executive of the Carroll Global Corporation for over twenty years incorporated a startling array of twenty eight fraudulent UK Companies House dummy corporations to provide a corporate screen off for the embezzlement of millions of dollars of the Carroll Foundation’s liquid funds believed to have been held on deposit at both HSBC International and the Queen’s bankers Coutts Bank London. Close financial observers in the City of London have recently remarked with astonishment on the public spectacle of Kingston Smith conducting in full view of the financial community an ongoing close working relationship with Anthony Clarke who is now regarded by many as a fraudster who will soon be the subject of prosecution in a criminal trial.

It has emerged that new explosive prosecution files have been obtained by Scotland Yard and the FBI containing specimen exhibits of the fraudulent State of Delaware "registered" Carroll Global Corporations linked to forged HSBC International Bahamas offshore numbered bank accounts and Coutts Bank & Co dummy Gerald Carroll banking arrangements which effectively impulsed this massive tax fraud heist operation which stretches the globe. The UK Companies House "dummy registered" Carroll Holdings Corporation Ltd forms an integral part of the investigation as this structure was utilised within a multiple “name switch operation”.

Sources have also confirmed that the entire contents of the Carroll Trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences were completely stolen including the theft of priceless US Anglo-Irish national treasures and rare illuminated manuscripts collections dating from the thirteenth century. It is thought that the world renowned Carroll Institute Oxford University academic research establishment under the umbrella of the parallel Carroll Maryland Trust has also been the target of the named white collar crime syndicate which continues to operate in the tax havens of the Bahamas Gibraltar and at premises in the City of London with impunity.
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