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I know i have posted this on Mtree too, but I feel that this is serious enough to warrent being repeated here Big Grin

For all those who used to be a Freeserve Customer and have cancelled... BEWARE

I was a freeserve customer and cancelled more than 2 years ago. I paid by credit card. I have discovered that they have taken money out of my credit card which has resulted in me having to pay £60 in charges because it pushed me over my limit. I have spent the whole bladdy day trying to get hold of someone to get to the bottom of this and have been told by Wanadoo that they have no record of me ever being a customer !!!!! NAAICE .... but they take money out of my account. Rolleyes

I contacted my credit card company to put a stop on and they have informed me that it is against the law for them to put a stop on because I gave freeserve my credit card nr ... ALBEIT 2 years ago and have cancelled my service AGES ago. The only way for me to sort it is to send a copy of my statement to Wanadoo showing that they took money out and claim it back from them, and since they have no record of me it is going to be like frting against thunder. In the meantime until it is sorted they can take another payment out and I will be hit with another £60

I thought i would shut my account with CAPITAL ONE to avoid any further hassels, but NOOOOOO I cant do that until I have completely settled any outstanding balance. Capital One is also another bladdy story ... SHARKS.
Oh no, AB! This is awful! :eek: I'm a Freeserve/Wannadoo customer. I hope you get it sorted out. Is it worth going to one of those ombudsmen or whatever they're called? Please let us know what happens.