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Movie - "Meet the Fockers" - Curio - 13-03-2005

Follow up to "Meet the parents". We have just got back from seeing this movie. Quite enjoyed it. There were some comical parts in the movie. Imagine having a surname like that? :crylol:
Anyone else seen it?

Movie - "Meet the Fockers" - TheDuck - 13-03-2005

This is definitely one movie I would like to see

Was it better than good?

The first was great entertainment

Big Grin

Movie - "Meet the Fockers" - Curio - 13-03-2005

I think if you enjoyed "Meet the parents", then you will enjoy it. Good to see Dustin Hoffman & Barbra Streisand in this one too.

Movie - "Meet the Fockers" - Curio - 13-03-2005

It was a difficult choice as what to see as "Million Dollar Baby" & "Finding Neverland" was also showing, so was "Cellular".
Anyway it was still worth seeing.