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Meat Balls in sauce with mash or rice - mcamp999 - 07-04-2006

Was given this recipe by a barman in a pub called What the Dickens in Onrus. Will be trying it out soon!!!!

origanum 15ml
Black Pepper 5ml
Sea salt 5ml
Fresh Chilli 5ml
Eggs 2 per 200grams of mince
Bran 250 grams
Quality port 500ml
Mince 800grams

Mix and make into balls

Add two chopped cloves garlic and mix again

10 chopped cloves garlic
hot chutney to taste
200 ml tomato sauce

Marinade for 12 hours

Then add 200 ml fresh cream

Get Cabbage leaves and sprinkle with salt
Add one chopped clove of Garlic to each leaf

Put the meat balls into cabbage and put them into the oven (120F) for 2 hours

Mix two chopped cloves garlic with cup of Port and pour over the balls

Make rice or mash, put it on top add sweet carrots and peas on top

Heat for 15 minutes on 240 F

Add slivers of cheddar cheese to taste and serve