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Health, business sectors unite against AIDS - Admin_vbulletin4_import1 - 17-08-2010

Johannesburg - The Department of Health would be partnering with Business Unity South Africa (Busa) to help strengthen government’s HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaign, said Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

On Monday, Motsoaledi met with members of BUSA, where he gave them an overview on how HIV and AIDS is affecting South Africans and urged them to help government with resources to fight it.

During his presentation, Motsoaledi put more focus on the HCT campaign, which was launched in April this year and targets to test 15 million people by June next year.

He appealed to BUSA members for help "in cash or kind" to raise awareness about HIV testing.

Motsoaledi said he wanted business to help by distributing condoms or running a "massive circumcision drive".

“Business could help with funding of gloves, needles and other equipment with an effective advertising campaign that will get the country recommitting to fight the HIV and AIDS scourge, which is still on the rise in South Africa,” Motsoaledi said.

He added that in the coming months the department will be re-launching the campaign, where preliminary results on how many people get tested since the launch of the campaign, will be released.

BUSA CEO, Jerry Vilakazi commended Motsoaledi for getting business re-energised on the issue of HIV and AIDS.

He said Motsoaledi was "a breath of fresh air" and that they were keen on the partnership.

“The business sector found Motsoaledi’s passion for this issue a breath of fresh air and we are very supportive of him and need to find a consolidated approach to take this issue forward and consult amongst ourselves,” Vilakazi said.

He added that there were certain health care companies that have already embarked on assisting with resources to help with the HCT campaign. - BuaNews