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Famous children's stories - Curio - 22-08-2004

Too true Venus.

Famous children's stories - Almitra - 22-08-2004

I totally, really, whole-heartedly agree with everything said above !!!

How many times have I read the fairy tales, nursery rhymes, sang the lullabyes ??

Any one remember ..... ???
:music: Siembambaaa, Mama se kindjie -
Draai sy nek af - gooi hom in die sloot -
Trap op sy kop, dan is hy dood !! :music:


:music: Rock a bye, Baby - in the tree top
when the wind blows - the cradle will rock
when the bow breaks - the cradle will fall
down will come Baby - cradle and all !! :music:

Two of my favourites - Blush Yet my little one slept through them like an angel !!!???