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A well earned rest ?
I'm sure you think that I don't need / deserve one, but I do...

So as soon as someone figures out my cryptic clues :cheeky: in the Rock Trivia thread I am going to give that one a break.

As for the Spot the Band thread, I'll leave you in Ade's very very capable hands Smile

TC and don't misbehave while I'm gone :haha:
:bigcry: :bigcry: gonna miss you :p
Hope you enjoy the break Jangar.
Looking forward to when you get back.
You going anywhere nice...or you just chillin'?

Whatever, hope you come back refreshed and lively as ever!

Thanx for the kind words everyone Smile

Things are back to normal for a few weeks (till we go on honeymoon) so I'm going to start up the Trivia Quiz again Big Grin

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