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Character Cakes for birthday's
Its amazing how time flies... my bubs is having his 1st birthday in a month's time.

I am hoping that somebody can help... I want to bake him a character cake but I dont know how to without buying the expensive pans.

I remember in SA the Huisgenoot/Value/Your Family magazines often had ideas to make bees and the like.

Please, any help would be appreciated!

I have a wonderful chocolate recipe book that has a section on party cakes. They make several creatures, eg. an owl & frog using a pudding basin to bake the cake mixture in. Smile

There is a place in Bromley, Kent that hires out fancy cake tins @ £2 for 3 days. Unfortunately, they don't post. I can pm you the link to their web site if you're interested. Perhaps you have a similar place nearer you?
Sainsburys have a wonderful service, if you take a photo in, they transfer the photo onto a cake! Not quite a character cake but it's an idea, and its quick and cheap.
We did it for a friends birthday and she was really pleased with it - although she didn't want to eat the cake and spoil the picture :p
Thanx for your replies... There is a place where I can rent a pan, but it costs about £7 for 2 days or so, then I might as well just buy the pan myself...

As for the photo idea... I thought of that, but since it is his first birthday I want it to be something really special....
How would you feel about doing a clown face? I made one for my first cake and it was very colourful. Let me know and then I can tell you how to do it. Maybe even send a photo of it if you like.
cant believe how fast time flies!!!

why not make a worm cake? all you need then are a couple round cakes and you can decorate the rest
life is what you make of it

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