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Child Trust Fund Accounts
If your child was born after 1 September 2002, he or she qualifies for a £250 voucher towards a savings account for the future.

Read more here

For those who have already received their voucher, what have you decided to do? Go for the more risky but potentially more lucrative funds based on shares in the stock market, or played it safe, with a usual savings account?

I hear that Abbey national offers a very good savings account at a rate of 5.75%, and Coventry Building Society offers a savings account where you pay your Child benefit payments into it. They give you a rate of 7.25% guaranteed in the first year.

I have not done extensive research, but these are the best rates I have seen and wondered if anyone has any good advice for us clueless parents Smile
I don't think we will get this money as we are here on Ancestral visa, and will only be able to become citizens in another 3 - 4 years......

We have to prove that we don't take any funding from the Government in any shape or form, as this is our visa conditions.....

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