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Children are so quick....
In February a Dutch couple came to help me with a project. Their little 4 year old, Ruth, started to go to an English pre-school, and she came home frustrated so many afternoons because she couldn't speak English.

I've spent time with her this afternoon and was soooooo amazed about how fluent her English, after 4 and a half months, is. Fantastic! Her mother said that she keeps on correcting her parents pronunciation. They are soon to go back to Holland Sad and I hope she will continue to have an opportunity to speak English.

I never speak English to my children only Norwegian so with the result my mum was frustrated 'cos she wasn't able to communicate with them when they were younger. When we were in SA about 7 years ago, my son couldn't speak a word of English when we arrived ....we were only there for 6 weeks ... by the time we left he was not only speaking English...he was also able to read it. He was in 1st grade when we were there and only started learning English at school in 3rd grade.

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