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Stereotypes and children
Not sure if you are all aware of the programme/study of 'A child of our time'. It took many children born in 2000 and it's following them through the years. Tonight is the yearly episode and Professor Robert Winston will show tonight that children from age 2 pick up stereotypes more quickly.

He apparently shows them pictures of people and other children of all races and asks them which they would like to be friends with, which they think are 'naughty' people and so on. Apparently a high percentage of the white children said the the white folk were nice etc. 50% of the black children wanted to be white when they grew up.

I think this is shocking really. Confusedoapbox: And I wonder if I truly believe that, based on my child. He was so untuned to colour before he went to school. His favourite lady (besides moi of course) was Beyoncé (he thinks she is bootiful! :rofl: <---see my pun there!). But then this past year at school, he's said that the boys in his class say Kylie is more prettier. I've told him it's a matter of opinion and that it's good to have differering opinions. He has also been told at school that he is a liar - he told them all his mommy was from South Africa and was called a liar because these kids said I'm not black and not poor with no clothes! :crylol: :duh:

I do my best to make sure that he has a really centred life and I do not want him to be governed by colour in any way. But you'd think that in England there would be the same in other households....but I'm thinking there isn't. Therefore making this programme seem realistic.

I think it's a horrible theory. Children should be innocent and this world is becoming sooo global - with all sorts in all countries. That we should be teaching our children, respect and tolerance for other races.
In love there are two things - bodies and words.
Any other opinions??
In love there are two things - bodies and words.
hmmm stereotypes...

I believe that its natural for children to develop a sense of self(race and colourwise) from an early age....

We can do much as parents to help then not to be rascist in any way, but society norms also pay a big role in affecting and eventually dictating how our kids react to other peoples of other classes/races etc...
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I keep missing those programs and it makes me really upset! :mad:

My children show no differentiation between other people of different races, and yet I think I see what Mr Winston means with that ... children of that age are so trusting of all information they receive, be it subliminal or not, and even if their parents are the most non-discriminatory people (please excuse my lack of vocabulary ... it is late... ), children will pick it up from even the slightest examples, be it TV or school, or anywhere.

I can't wait to see this program tomorrow! Thanks for reminding me of it! Smile
I can't wait to see the programme either. Really enjoy his programmes. And I especially love this series.

I'll never forget Connor talking to me when he was in reception about a boy in his class who has the same name as his best friend. I was getting confused and I said 'Are you talking about the X who is a different colour'. Cue rolled eyes and 'No, Mommy I'm talking about the X who has that ugly jumper!!'. He didn't even realise! I loved that.

For some reason it's really important to me that Connor is not a stereotype or conform to them. I wonder if it's because I'm from South AFrica and I don't want people to have ideas about my beliefs/values etc?
In love there are two things - bodies and words.
Ah cute! Smile

I watched it tonight, and wow, how interesting! I'll definitely have a look next week too!
That little boy from London has me in tears every year! James? The little one whose mom had to go to a refuge? My heart breaks for him. You just want to give the little boy a hug.
In love there are two things - bodies and words.
Yes, Cali ... watching that program and seeing his lack of any ambition already, just makes me so thankful!
It's more than likely his way of protecting himself... poor little boy. But did you hear his language! Confusedoapbox:

Gales of laughter for the little one who wanted to be an animal when he grew up... it's only recently that Connor has stopped saying he wants to be a 'Hammerhead Shark' when he's bigger - now he says 'Live and work with Hammerhead Sharks' :rofl:

*my friends autistic little boy wanted to be dead when he was older and then alive and then dead*
In love there are two things - bodies and words.

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