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Christmas Greetings
Sorry for not being around much as of late but my life has been very hectic to put it very mildly Sad

I hope that you all wish for and get some great music in your Christmas stocking, or under the tree if that is how you do it, or perhaps both :p

When things are more settled in this part of the world (meaning when I find the cd and answers) I'll continue with our quiz :cheer:

Until then, keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars.

:jive: :jive: :jive:
samoin Jan

and thanks for all this year


Have a good one Jan and Venus Smile

It has been a great Christmas so far, got some great albums Big Grin Now if only I could find my head phones :mad:

I trust that you all had a great Christmas too Smile
Our first Xmas as a family at home .. only TheDuck family

the wifey prepared her first ever Xmas meal

so a special occasion for us

wunderba [SIZE="1"](not wonderbra)[/SIZE]


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