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Linefish Wrote:Hi Hager,

you forgot:

the Blackforrest, Lederhosen and in Hamburg the "Reeperbahn"Wink

All the best from HamburgBig Grin

Hi there Linefish, and thanks for poping in to visit here in Saarbrücken yesterday. Lunch and catching up was great, but it still does not beat "The Blue Peter". :thumbs:

Take care......
Hagar the Lovable (and to some the Horrible) Wink
Hi Hagar

Sorry, can´t join you in rugby, prefer cake baking :crylol:

Good luck with your saarland rugby, it´s about time we teach this lot what ball sports are about.

Yeah, ostfriesland is virtually a little republic in itself. The inhabitants are very friendly and down to earth, though. A bit windy though, reminds me very much of the south easter in the cape.

Our last port of call in SA was sir lowry´s pass in the cape. Great place, but oh so scary at night when the inhabitants of lwandle and nomzamo go on their walkabout "exploring" the neighbourhood :curse:
arum Wrote:So, has everyone moved out of germany? Why no action here? I am also on the gatkant van die wereld in Ostfriesland.

I used to live in Berlin for a couple of years. It's definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe.. very international too. Big Grin

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