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Help If You Cant Get Into Chat
When you click on the chat button and the accept rules, you may get a popup asking you if you want to install java you MUST CLICK YES ... it wont harm your pc. Smile If however you did not click yes, just log out of the globalbuzz website completely and re log in, click chat button and accept rules. You should get the pop up again asking you to accept the java, or the page that gives you the option to enter nic and password.

If you still dont have any joy ...... try the following :

TOOLS,INTERNET EXPLORER, then see temporary files .... click on delete files.

Go to "Tools | Internet Options..." from the main menu of your browser
Change to the "Security" tab
Click "Custom Level..." button
To enable: make sure "Disable Java" is not selected under "Java."
It is also possible that your safety is set to high. You may need to select a lower setting. Read the cautions before changing from "High safety" to Medium or low.
Restart the browser


click SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL ... have a look there, there should be a teacup. If it is not there, you may have to install the java. from

AOL browsers may also cause problems with chat..... see the link i have posted below.

Here is a usefull link. when you get there, click on help or FAQ. This should help you to see what the problem is and hopefully fix it. Smile


Some firewalls dont allow java, so you may have to add the chat url to the allow list in your actual firewall. The same applies if you have a popup buster. You will have to add chat url to your allow list on your popup buster.

Hope this helps Smile

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